(7/10) This was fast. After having released the "Albion" record a few month ago the next strike of British hardrockers Ten is available. "Isla de muerta" is the name of the disc that comes with eleven new songs. The question is, if Ten could live-up to the expected quality level with such a quick new shot. Yes, they can, even though I must say that I liked "Albion" a bit more. The predecessor had a bit more consistancy when it comes to the songwriting.

"Isla de muerta", that's the name of the new longplayer, has some real highlights, but also some song which I think could have been better. The album starts, how could it be different, with waves  rolling to the beach combined with some marching drums. The whole thing sounds like the introduction to a pirate movie. This scene turns into a melodic rocker called "Dead men tell no tales" - a good song that comes with quite some mariner pathos. Also "Tell me what to do" is one of the better songs, since it comes with an irresistable melody and "The dragon and Saint George", a rocking tune with a good punch, makes also a joy for your ears. 

"Angel of darkness" is another rocking song that is faster than most of the other numbers on "Isla de muerte". Finally Ten rocks again. Thumbs up. 

But there are also some numbers that could be more energetic. "This love" and "The last pretender" are not really thrilling ones. They are OK, but the before mentioned numbers are much better.

To sum up: Ten released within 6 months two records that are both good. The newest one, "Isla de muerte", conatins again catchy rock songs that are build on big melodies - things we are used to from Ten. The band sticks to their trademarks and fans of the band will also love this album. A good album from Gary Hughes and bandmates but not the best one in their discography.





  1. Buccaneers - Dead men tell no tales
  2. Tell me what to do
  3. Aquiesce
  4. This love
  5. The dragon and Saint Goerge
  6. Intesify
  7. Karnak - The valley of the kings
  8. Revolution
  9. Angel of darkness
  10. The last pretender
  11. We can be as one


Label: Rocktopia Records

Genre: Melodic Metal

CD review TEN "Isla de muerta"
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