(7/10) It is seldom that a cover and the music of a band goes that well together as it is with the new The Vibes album. The lonely cabin, the wreck of a car, wild natur and dust ... this is how "Standing at your own grave" sounds like. It is the diesel & dust that characterized the sounds and the album.

It wasn't that sure in the beginning that this longplayer would ever be produced. In 2014 the band had a tough time with disagreeing on issues and tensions between band members that brought The Vibes close to a split. After 12 years this would have been really a pity. 

But the guys managed to navigate through stormy water and released with "Standing at your own grave" a record that lives from the vibe, nomen et omen, and the attitude. The Vibes spoils you with 14 new songs that are positioned somewhere between L.A. Guns, Hardcore Superstar and Great White. Songs like "No love" remind even to bands like The Multicolored Shades (German indie rock from thr 80's), while the piano-based "Lone gunman" was, I guess, inspired by bands like Oasis.

In general I must say that the first half is a bit stronger than the last 50%. Songs like the first four ones are grooving hardrock anthems that are catchy and pure fun. I want to specially mention "Standing at your own grave". The title track is a slower song that comes with a lot of melacholy. It's one of the best ones on the album and I can hear the L.A. Guns shine through.

Another cool track is "Time to live, time to die" - a smooth groover that is highly entertaining,

The Vibes' newest album isn't rocket-science but it is good rock'n'roll that fits perfect to the coming summer. 





  1. Sex type thing
  2. Half God
  3. Feast of flesh
  4. Standing at your own grave
  5. Pussy lover
  6. No lover
  7. Shout it out
  8. Liquor store blues
  9. No.6 butcher Street pub
  10. Pocket liberty
  11. Lone gunman
  12. Worth going to hell for
  13. Bad ass
  14. Time to live, time to die


Label: LuxNoise

Genre: Hardrock



CD review THE VIBES "Standing at your grave"
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