(7/10) Hamburg is known for a lot of thing. But it's not the center of booming boogie based rock'n'roll. At least till know. If there is a band that might bring the Hansecity more into this kind of music than it's Whiskey Hell.

The band exisits since 2012 and has released already one album. "Booze'n'boogie" was published in 2013 and now the successor called "Bullets'n'burritos" came out a few days ago.

The main man behind Whiskey Hell is Olly Wallenberg. The singer and guitarist isn't a rooky. He earned his first credits in a German metal band called Doc Eisenhauer, that had some smaller peaks in the 90's. Next to this contribution he was also singing on the solo releases of Helloween bassist Markus Grosskopf. Wallenberg teamed-up with drummer Bubi Blacksmith and bass player Carsten Meyer. With those two guys the trio is completed and this is enough to play grooving music.

Whiskey Hell are not pretending anything. Their music seems very authentic and feels like this is what they want to do. Listening to album gives the impression that the guys want to have fun with what they are doing. They don't focus on what to play for having the big success. This approach makes the entire to a very 'real' one.

Songs that you should check are the opener "Weed'n'whiskey" with a heavy boogie blues vibe, the fast rocker "Kicked in the teeth" and the acoustic 2013 that sounds more like coming from deep down South instead of far North.

Again, Hamburg isn't Virginia and the boogie doesn't come from the city along the Elbe river. But Whiskey Hell adds another colour to Hamburg's musical palette. Good handmade rock and a very welcome soundtrack for your next longer car ride. Let the engine roar.





  1. Weed'n'whiskey
  2. Blood, sweat 'n' wrenches
  3. Kicked in the teeth
  4. Time flies
  5. Mr. Rock/n'Roll
  6. Bullets'n'burrotis
  7. Pow * Mia
  8. Moonshine boogie
  9. Hairspray hell
  10. 2013
  11. Mississippi queen
  12. Rio Pecos


Label: Keiler Records

Genre: Hardrock

CD review WHISKEY HELL "Bullets'n'burritos"
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