(8/10) When I first heard about this album I was asking myself why Whitesnake covers songs from Deep Purple's Mark 3 and 4 times. Of course Whitesnake main man David Coverdale was part of the legendary line-up, but why now? A view in the info sheet from the label gives bit more context to the story. 

It was in 2012 when Coverdale heard about Jon Lord's wish for a Purple reunion after he would have been recovered from cancer. Unfortunately the keyboard legend lost the fight against the malevolent disease. But Coverdale did let loose of the idea and contacted guitarist Ritchie Blackmore. A reunion or a project didn't become reality but Coverdale was breathing the old spirit again.

The result of all these is "The Purple album" - a longplayer that respectfully looks back to Coverdale's period together with the mighty Deep Purple. The songs are all coming from "Burn", "Stormbringer" and "Come taste the band". Each of the track was  new recorded by the current Whitesnake line-up in Reno, Nevada. 

The tunes are without saying all excellent ones. Classic rock anthems like "Burn", "Stormbringer" and "Mistreated" influenced generations of young musicians. It also shows how much these years with Purple influenced the sound of Whitesnake later on. The heavy blues rock from the band on records like "Trouble" found its roots in the three mentioned Purple longplayers. And I don't want to forget the very gentle and soulful version of "Soldiers of fortune" that is once again a treat for your ears.

I honestly would have prefered a new Whitesnake album with own songs, esp. since the last releases have been excellent longplayers. However, also "The Purple album" is worth to be added to each classic rock collection. It is more than just a mean for making money. It feels like a passionate and respectful look back on an important period of classic rock and on one of the most influencial portagonists of this genre. 





  1. Burn (from "Burn")
  2. You fool no one (from "Burn")
  3. Love child (from "Come taste the band")
  4. Sail away (from "Burn")
  5. The gypsy  (from "Stormbringer")
  6. Lady double dealer (from "Stormbringer")
  7. Mistreated (from "Burn")
  8. Holy man (from "Stormbringer")
  9. Might just take your life  (from "Burn")
  10. You keep on moving (from "Come taste the band")
  11. Soldier of fortune (from "Stormbringer")
  12. Lay down stay down (from "Burn")
  13. Stormbringer (from "Stormbringer")


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Classic Rock

CD review WHITESNAKE "The Purple album"
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