(7/10) Birth Of Joy is a rock band that is maybe not known that well so far. However, since they started in 2005 the trio has their 10th anniversary this year - a good moment to have a look back. For Birth Of Joy this means having a look on four full-length records that the guys have released so far. And how could this be done better than with a live album.

"Live at Ubu" is the title of this longplayer that comes with 22 songs - really a lot of music. But it's also the quality of Birth Of Joy's sound that is OK and worth to be checked out.

The three Dutch guys play retro rock that goes from psychedelic rock via hardrock to even boogie. Often you hear MC5 and The Doors as being the inspiration and I think that fits very well. If I should compare them with current bands I would use the cross-reference to Germans Zodiac. 

As the title of the album informs us already, the album was recorded in a venue called Ubu that is located in Rennes, France. It was end of January this year when the band played two sold-out shows there and it was worth to put them on tape. And as said, it is a lot of Birth Of Joy what you get. In the end it's more than two hours of classic rock that comes in a very good sound quality. Actually it is surprisingly good for a live release. 

"Live at Ubu" is a very good overview on Birth Of Joy's creative work so far. It's an entertaining album that will help the trio to find new fans.





  1. The sound
  2. Teeny bopping
  3. Devils paradise
  4. Envy
  5. Fat fish
  6. Grow
  7. Surfing a gogo
  8. Code red
  9. Backstabbers
  10. Motel money a way
  11. Drink the cup
  12. Not much time to lose
  13. Smile
  14. Dead being alive
  15. How it goes
  16. Rocknroll show
  17. Three day road
  18. Make things happen
  19. Mad men
  20. Know where to run
  21. No big day out
  22. Monster


Label: Long Branch Records

Genre: Retro Rock

CD review BIRTH OF JOY "Live at Ubu"
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