(8/10) This time it becomes a bit more exotic on Markus' Heavy Music Blog; this time we move to Peru. The South American country is the homebase of Blizzard Hunter. The five-piece band consists out of Luis Sanchez (g), Sebastian Palma (v), Tono Rojas (g), Lalo Sala (b) and Daniel Ruiz de Castilla on drums.

The guys, in a slightly different line-up, started as a cover band. It was acts like Metallica, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden that was the spark for their metal passion and it have been songs from those bands Blizzard Hunter played live. The first highlight was when they have been the support band for Tim 'Ripper' Owned for a show in Lima in 2009.

During time the guys from the Peruvian capitol wanted more. A change behind the drum kit and the microphone brought a new push into the band and they started to write own songs. Especially singer Sebastion Palma was a big win for the band. His vocal range is quite wide and covers everything from rough metal vocals to high pitch screams. He sounds like a mix of Michael Kiske, Goeff Tate and Steve Benito (ex-Heir Apparent).

The tunes on the band's full-length debut (they released an EP called "Conqueror of destiny" in 2014) comes with 10 own songs. The sound of Blizzard Hunter goes back to the NWoBHM. This is where the guys take their inspiration from. To describe their sound best I think you have to merge the earlier Iron Maiden with Helloween in the "Walls of Jericho"/"Judas" times. Those have been at least the bands that I had to think about when I heard "Heavy metal to the vein".

The production of the album is a powerful with a good mix. It makes fun to listen to the album and I'm curious if we can expect more from the five Peruvian guys in the coming months. Blizzard Hunter is an interesting new band that is worth to check.





  1. Conqueror of destiny
  2. I'm on my way
  3. Heavy metal to the vein
  4. Heart of fire (Vampire hunter's song)
  5. Nemesis (Feel my strength)
  6. Ghost rider
  7. The murder
  8. My revenge
  9. The joke
  10. The final judgement


Label: Pure Underground Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

CD review BLIZZARD HUNTER "Heavy metal to the vein"
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