(7/10) Lille-based stoner institution Glowsun please us with new longplayer called "Beyond the wall of time". The trio pressed seven new songs on their third album - each of them reflecting the typical brandmarks from the predecessors.

Glowsun playes stoner rock that has a bigger psychedelic influence. Heavily downtuned guitars meet booming baselines and pushing drums. Listening to the music of Glowsun feels like watching into a heat haze. 

Like on the earlier releases the French guys stick, mainly, to instrumental music. Only for a few moment the trio decided to add some vocals like in "Against the clock". This is in my point of view also a well placed break. The instrumental tracks are all good, but it becomes also a bit one-dimensional over time. It's a bit of the same but slightly different. A tune with vocals is something that breaks this structure and I would have positioned the song even earlier in the tracklist.

Highlights are the double header in the beginning. "Arrow of time" and "Last watchman's grave" are tunes you should have listened to as being a stoner rock fan.

Glowsun released with their third album another solid stoner record that you might not miss if you don't have it, but that you for sure enjoy if you go for it.





  1. Arrow of time
  2. Last watchmaker's grave
  3. Behind the moon
  4. Flower of mist
  5. Shadow of dreams
  6. Against the clock
  7. Endless caravan


Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Stoner Rock

Releasedate: June 26th, 2015

CD review GLOWSUN "Beyond the wall of time"
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