(8/10) Good rock'n'roll doesn't need more than some good riffs, a pushing rhythm and a kick-ass attitude. Those are exactely the incrediences used by the Finnish four-piece Hard Action. "Sinister vibes" is the album that brings this raw rock beast to your home - it's the bands full-length debut.

The guys behind Hard Action are Ville Valavuo, Markus Hietamies, Guenther Kivioja and A-P Heinola - all with backgrounds in some other bands. Esp. Valavuo and Hietamies earned already some credits with Speedtrap; a band that plays oldschool NWoBHM stuff on there two records "Raw deal" and "Powerdose".

Hard Action sounds like the rock'n'roll equivalent to Speedtrap. The four guys combine hardrock with some punk roots which leads to an highly energetic and explosive sound mixture. The ten songs on the debut are straight-ahead ones that are full of speed and power. It feels like a 35 min. long sonictornado that you get sucked into.

The band reduces their sound to the minimum amount of incrediences. They keep the tracks simple and kept out all the decoration. It is pure and real music build on passion and dedication.

"Sinister vibes" is a real refersher and fans from bands like Deadheads and Imperial State Electric should definitely also check out Hard Action.





  1. Dead dogs
  2. Chosen few
  3. Cut to the bone
  4. Night moves
  5. Deadweight (cut me loose)
  6. Watch me burn
  7. Hey you
  8. Sinister vibe
  9. Gunpoint
  10. No lessons learned


Label: Svart Records

Genre: Rock/Punk Rock

CD review HARD ACTION "Sinister vibes"
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