(8/10) I have to admit in the beginning of this review that I'm a Helloween fan from the first EP on. "Walls of Jericho" blew me away in 1985 and the 'Keeper'-era was anyhow an outstanding moment in metal. For me it was a sad moment when Michael Kiske left the mighty metal band from Hamburg.

Secondly Andi Deris did an excellent job with Pink Cream 69 and "One size fits all" is still one of the best melodic metal records that was released by a Germany-based band. 

It was the combination of Helloween and Deris that rose high expectations in the beginning. Even though the longplayers of the five-piece have been good it was a new Helloween I had to get used to - till today.

"My God - give right" is the brand new disc in Helloween's discography and I think it is the best one in the post Kisk-era. The longplayer feels like a journey back in time into the 80's without repeating what the band did at that time. It's more the vibe that got a revitalisation. 

The fast "Battle's won" is a tune that reflects this very well. On the one hand the tune is high speed with a very melodic chorus that could have been on an 'Keeper'-album too. The same goes for the groover "Lost in America". Melody and harsh riffs go together, forming a song that blows your speaker. This is the best rack on "My God - give right".

Another excellent number got the name "If God loves rock'n'roll". There is no other way than that God love rock'n'roll by listening to this tunes; or like Deris tells us"...even in heaven you need a bass guitar, a guitar and a second guitar". Here you go. Melodic guitars blended with a sing-a-long chorus and grooving verse - that's what this track stands for. You can't stand still while listening to "If God loves rock'n'roll". 

There are also a few songs that can't keep the high level of the before mentioned tunes. "Russian roulé" is one of those. The track doesn't stick and I never found my way into it. "Stay crazy" is another one.

However, I like the new album of the pumpkin fanatics from HH. There is enough oldschool Helloween stuff on the longplayer that makes it for me to one of the best ones in the last years - all rounded off by a cool cover. Excellent headbanging stuff for a good time.





  1. Heroes
  2. Battle's won
  3. My God - give right
  4. Stay crazy
  5. Lost in America
  6. Russian roulé
  7. The swing of a fallen world
  8. Like everybody else
  9. Creatures in heaven
  10. If God loves rock'n'roll
  11. Living on the edge
  12. Claws
  13. You, still in war
  14. I wish I were there
  15. Wicked game
  16. Free world


Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Power Metal

CD review HELLOWEEN "My God - give right"
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