(5/10) I have to say that the combination of folk, medival and metal never really belonged to my personal faves. But I also have to say that there are good examples focusing on this mixture.

I'm sorry to say that Krayenzeit doesn't belong to those bands. Also their new release will not change this. "Auf dunklen Schwingen" is the name of the disc that contains 14 tracks. Some of the songs sound like heard before while I had the feeling that tunes like "Nachtvogel" are fragmented which interrupts the flow. 

Krayenzeit tries to be on the one hand heavy and riff-based like in "Nachtvogel" and on the other hand they are almost writing Shantie tunes like in "Verschenkt". And last but not least there are songs like "Erntefest" that tries to combine different styles into one  song. It sounds to me like Walther auf der Vogelweide meets metal. No, this isn't made for my ears.

A positive thing though is the solid production. The sound is nuanced and powerful which is something very positive. 

There are for sure fans that highly appreciate Krayenzeit's album which is a harder version of Der Graf. But it isn't my cup of tea.





  1. Intro
  2. Krayenzeit
  3. Nachtvogel
  4. Von der Fahrt uebers Meer
  5. Feuertanz
  6. Von deinen Lenden
  7. Vogelfrey
  8. Erntefest
  9. Verschenkt
  10. Himmlische Heere
  11. Wir sind erwacht
  12. Wuestenregen
  13. Ein Abschied
  14. Rum Sherry's ladies (Bonus)


Label: Oblivion

Genre: Folk Metal

CD review KRAYENZEIT "Auf dunklen Schwingen"
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