(7/10) There are quite some metal bands from Austria that should get some more attention, but the country is more known for "Anton aus Tirol", Volksmusik and Lederhosen. This goes especially for the Western parts of Austria. A band that might change this cliche at least a little bit is Midriff.

The guys from Kufstein, Tyrol released with "Doubts & fear" their newest record. The sound of Midriff is a mixture of hardrock, stoner and alternative rock. The longplayer comes with thirteen songs that are partly real riff rockers and partly quite numbers that are very touching.

The trio has a quite good sense for rocking songs that are blended with good melodies. The opener "Outcry" is one of those. Mighty in the chorus and reduced in the verse - that's what brings the tension in the tune. 

Sometimes also alternative rock/metal shines through. "Less than expected" includes a bit of Alter Bridge merged with grunge influences. An interesting piece.

That Midriff also can write slow and silent songs is what they prove with "Minds health". I even think that this is one of the best tracks on "Doubts & fears". The number transports a lot of emotions and far more than just being a standard ballad. You can hear a bit rock giants like Eric Clapton and JJ Cale shining through.

Remarkable is also the fact that it's drummer Paul Henzinger, who is also responsible for the vocals. This isn't totally unusual, but isn't the standard either. However, he does a very good job by still having some potential.

With their newest album, number two by the way, Midriff shouldn't have too much doubts and shouldn't be afraid. It's a solid longplayer that will find some friends.





  1. Outcry
  2. Playing a role
  3. Only a pawn (in his game)
  4. Long gone
  5. Mind's health
  6. Safehuse
  7. Death row
  8. What's left
  9. In my cage
  10. Regular monster
  11. Less then expected
  12. I can't say if I'm me
  13. Soul to burn (Bonus track)


Label: Office4Music

Genre: Alternative Rock

CD review MIDRIFF "Doubts & fears"
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