(8/10) That Aschaffenburg isn't in India is something that is very obvious. Still, the four-piece band shows some cross-references to this country. Already the name of the band, My Sleeping Karma, manifests the interest in the culture and spirit that lead, after started as a stoner band, to their second album called "Satya". 

The new longplayer got the name "Moksha" which basically means 'redemption'. This salvation covers eleven new songs that are partly interludes. Again My Sleeping Karma focusses on psychedelic soundscapes that are a musical meditation based on Indian spirit. This album is a relaxing journey that will lead to a quite positive karma in the end.

Sometimes getting closer to some classic rock, sometimes adding a bit of stoner rock and all embedded in almost hypnotic repetitions "Moksha" puts a spell on you as a listener. The longplayer has a tranquilising effect on you in times when the clock is dictating your days. The music on "Moksha" spreads a certain ease that gives you air to breathe.

All the time very melodic, the album never drifts away into triviality. The instrumental songs are well structured and the way how they are combined on "Moksha" gives the 54 minutes long journey a constant flow that you're riding on.

For the ones of you who haven't heard anything from My Sleeping Karma should give this record a chance (the fans should go for it anyhow). It is interesting music and the right balance for the intense festival summer. This is more music to relax and dream instead of headbanging and jumping.





  1. Prithvi
  2. Interlude 1
  3. Vayu
  4. Interlude 2
  5. Akasha
  6. Interlude 3
  7. Moksha
  8. Interlude 4
  9. Jalam
  10. Interlude 5
  11. Agni


Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Psychedelic Rock

CD review MY SLEEPING KARMA "Moksha"
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