(8/10) Skinless is back with some oldschool death metal. The band, that was founded already in 1992, can look back on a longer career that had a lot of ups, but also some down. One of those was the period between 2011 and 2013 when the band actually disbanded and didn't exist anymore.

Now, nine years after the latest release, Skinless founder Noah Carpenter managed to re-activiate the band in the original line-up that recorded the band's debut called "Progression towards evil". This reuninion actually happened already before the two years hiatus, but at that time the guys decided only to play some shows. 

Being six years further in time Skinless released a new longplayer called "Only the ruthless remain". And what else should we expect than a raw piece of oldschool death metal. The seven new tracks are mind-blowing; presenting an excellent mix of slower very groovy metal with deep growls and faster blastbeat sections in addition. This makes the album sticking out and the ways how those elements are combined shows the experience the band members gained during all these years. 

It feels like the two year break was something very positive for the five-piece, since the new longplayer sounds pretty fresh and modern, while still performing oldschool death metal as we know it from the early 90's when bands like Obituary had their first peak.

I'm impressed by the new Skinless album and in case you don't call the record your own yet, give it a try. As being a death metal fan you will not regret it.





  1. Serpenticide
  2. Only the ruthless remain
  3. Skinless
  4. Flamethrower
  5. The beast smells blood
  6. The funeral curse
  7. Barbaric proclivity


Label: Relapse Records

Genre: Death Metal

Releasedate: Already released

CD review SKINLESS "Only the ruthless remain"
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