(7/10) The title of this album couldn't be chosen better. "A matter of time" is a perfect match with the real situation of Stash; or better said, their debut.

Stash is from The Netherlands and the line-up consists out of Alfred Kers (b), Gosse Nieuwenhuis (d), Roel Nottrot (g), Edwin Woltering (key) and Bert Kivits (v). The five-piece worked on some songs and demos in the second half of the 80's but didn't get further than this.
Stash gained a certain status in the melodic metal underground. That was it and the band disappeared from the scene rather quickly.
I think what Stash will get famous for is the time spent from forming the band in 1985 to the moment when they managed to release their debut. It took them 30 years. I think, this is a world record. And in all meanings of the word it was 'a matter of time'. It's just the question if the time is right for this kind of music in 2015.
The debut will see the light of day as we speak and it will contain 10 songs; embedded in intro and outro plus a prelude. Some of the numbers are re-recorded demo tracks while others are new. In addition Stash put the old demo song versions on the album too which makes it to a quite extensive musical experience.
The music of Stash is typically 80's melodic metal/rock. It was the time when Europe had it's first peak with their mega hit "The final countdown". Having this in mind and adding a bit of the Pretty Maids "Future world"-sound to it to it gives you a good idea about the music of the Dutch five-piece. We are talking about  highly melodic metal where Rocking riffs are build on a powerful keyboards foundation. This is the general pattern of the songs. This makes the numbers catchy but not cheesy. 
What stands out are the genre-typical vocals done by Emerald-singer Bert Kivits. His wide vocal range includes the high pitches that are a substantial part of 80's melodic metal. 
When it comes to the production of "A matter of time" I have to say that it is an authentic one. What I mean is, that the guys kept the sound of the eighties and didn't over-produce the longplayer. But actually, in my humble opinion, it could have been a bit of a more modern sound that would have helped the album even more.
All in all fans of Stash will be happy that there is finally a debut of the Dutch melodic rockers and supporters of melodic metal should give this longplayer a chnace too.
  1. Intro
  2. By the light of the fire
  3. The mountain
  4. Waiting for the night
  5. Hold on the line
  6. A matter of time
  7. Prelude
  8. Born to run
  9. Blackout
  10. There's another world
  11. Don't let it end
  12. Piece of the action
  13. Outro
  14. By the light of the fire (demo)
  15. Hold on the line (demo)
  16. A matter of time (demo)
  17. Born to run (demo)
  18. There is another world (demo)
  19. Don't let it end (demo)
Label: No Remorse
Genre: melodic Metal
Release date EU: July 10th, 2015
CD review STASH "A matter of time"
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