(7/10) Trixter had their debut in 1990. They belonged to the second wave of sleazy hardrock bands that followed big seller like Mötley Crüe, Poison and Ratt. Since everything belonging to this style sold very well in the early 90's also Trixter had quiet some successes, esp. in the US. This popularity brought Trixter support slots for bands like Kiss and Van Halen, but even with those decent results they never made it to the first league of hardrock/glam rock.

Since grunge took over in the last decade of the 20th century life became harder for bands like Trixter and the guys disbanded a few years later. After having had a re-start in the 2008 and the recording of "New audio machine" in 2012, the guys from Paramus, New Jersey are back in business.

"Human era" is the new release of the four-piece that includes eleven new songs; all supported by a very good sound. The production is a powerful one that promotes the laid-back songs in a very good way.

Basically there is nothing wrong with the album but for me it feels uninspired. It contains music that had it's peak in the 80's. Cross-references to bands like the before mentioned ones are a bit too much. I miss the own unique identity of the Trixter. What I heard on "Human era" are well-crafted songs that try to transport the past into the present. It's the development in Trixter's sound that I miss. On the other hand you could see it as a continuation of what the guys are good in. It's how you approach it.

I think the cover represents Trixter's music very well. "Human era" is the a diner, covered in neon light and not a bar, covered in cigarette smoke. Deending on what you prefer you are more or less happy with it.





  1. Rockin' to the edge of the night
  2. Crash that party
  3. Not like all the rest
  4. For you
  5. Every second counts
  6. Beats me up
  7. Good times now
  8. Midnight in your eyes
  9. All night long
  10. Soul of a lovin' man
  11. Human era


Label: Frontiers

Genre: Hardrock

CD review TRIXTER "Human era"
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