(*/10) It was in 1989 when Lee Dorrian, who left Napalm Death at this time, started with Cathedral. Not being that much in punk anymore and also not being in death metal either, the charismatic singer wanted to go back to his doom roots. Black Sabbath, Trouble and Pentagram have been the bands that inspired him very much. He found with Marc Griffiths a companion and after also adding Gath Jennings, Adam Lehan and Ben Mochry to the line-up, Cathedral was ready to go.

The first release of the five-piece was a demo called "In memorium". This tape contained four tracks; three from Cathedral and one Pentagram-cover. This demo got already quite some attention and it was the start into a 23 year long trip through doom metal. 

Cathedral released various records and became a constant factor in the doom scene. Actually they are more than this; Cathedral influenced a lot of other doom bands.

After having released "The last spire" in 2013, the band decided to stop.

Right in time for the 25th anniversary of Cathedral a new release of the very first demo enters your record shop. "In memoriam" is the the name of the disc and it contains the entire demo. Next to those for songs you will get five live tracks; performed by Cathedral and recorded during three shows in 1991.

The four songs from the demo are for sure doom milestones. "Mourning of a new day", "All your sins" and "March" are sonic depressions in deep minor. Slow and downtuned guitar riffs hit you like a hammer in your face. Slowly, slowly the tunes are rolling over you and spreads a feeling of endless desperation. The Pentagram cover "All your sins" fits perfect into this context. 

The five live songs are a positive surprise since the sound of those is very good - considering that they have been recorded in the beginning of the 90's. The tunes sound very authentic and you can almost feel the smokey club vibe. Next to three tracks from the demo also "Commiserating the celebration" and "Neophytes for the serpent eve" have been performed; both from Cathedral's second demo. 

"In memoriam" is a great retrospect to the roots of one the most influencial European doom metal bands and great 25th anniversary celebration gift.

And who knows, maybe the last chapter of Cathedral isn't written yet.





  1. Mourning of a new day (Demo)
  2. All your sins (Penagram cover) (Demo)
  3. Ebony tears (Demo)
  4. March (Demo)
  5. Intro/Commiserating the celebration (Live)
  6. Ebony tears (Live)
  7. Neophytes for the serpent eve (Live)
  8. All your sins (Live)
  9. Mourning of a new day (Live)


Label: Rise Above

Genre: Doom Metal

Release date EU: July 17, 2015

CD review CATHEDRAL "In memoriam"
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