(8/10) Again an album that makes fun. 2013 founded Ecstatic Vision has their first longplayer out in the stores. "Sonic praise" is the title of the band's debut that comes with five songs - all five minutes or longer.

The guys from Philadelphia started in order to primarily "play what they wanted to hear". Actually a great thought for starting a band. Doug Sabolick (g/v), Michael Field Connor (b) and Jordan Crouses (d) obviosuly want to hear psychedelic rock with some classic rock influences. That's at least the impression after having listened to "Sonic 

The result is an exciting longplayer with the masterpiece "Astral plane" as the central element. This tune is a 12 minutes long inspiring piece that shows psychedelic rock in a lot of different shades. Retro rock meets tribal drums, both in a correlation with some hypnotic beats that remined me to The Young Gods. To write such along song with keeping the level of tension high is a tricky thing. That Ecstatic Vision are able to do this shows on the one hand the creativity and the music capability of the trio. Small downer in the end; why is the tune fading out? A solid ending would have been better.

However, there are four more songs on "Sonic praise". Those are actually on the same high level as the mentioned "Astral plane". "Don't kill the vibe" lives from well structured endless repetitions without becoming boring. The opener "Journey" has a lot of Monster Magnet and feels like being partly covered with smoke.

The title track comes with a lot of samples and sound effects before "Cross the divide" kicks in with a lot of groove.

"Sonic praise" became an excellent psychedelic rock album. A record that surprised me - a longplayer I can recommend to you. This is music with thoughtfulness and passion. A disc that proves that monotony can also be something cool and entertaining.





  1. Journey
  2. Astral plane
  3. Don't kill the vibe
  4. Sonic praise
  5. Cross the divide


Label: Relapse Records

Genre: Psychedelic Rock

Release date: Already released

CD review ECSTATIC VISION "Sonic praise"
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