(7/10) Fogg comes from Texas and the trio found their passion in psychedelic rock that is inspired by bands like the Grateful Dead, Hawkwind and Neil Young. The amazing fact is that the guys are quite young and probably haven't seen most of their idols live.

However, their music made an impact on the the three guys. The start into "High testament" is very reserved. "Joy of home" begins with an acoustic guitar and starts very releaxed. It feels like a nice rock song before a mighty riff slowly takes the lead. The tune becomes a slow psychedelic metal song that slowly creeps into your mind. What a start!

Sometimes, like in "Seasons", Fogg drifts away into doom and stoner while "The garden" is a four minutes long acoustic song. Brandon Hoffman's vocals might not hit each tone perfectly, but it actually doesn't matter. I would even go one step further. A peak of pefection would distract this emotional imperfection.

Towards the end Fogg ignites a doom firework with a heavy guitar sound that you can compare with the early Black Sabbath days. "High testament' is a sonic combination of  floral wreath and purgatory - a mixture that works surprisingly well.

To sum up: Fogg aren't by far that faceless as the cover might make you think. The guys have quite some own identity and "High testament" is a longplayer that wants to be discovered.





  1. Joy of home
  2. You are welcome
  3. The garden
  4. Seasons
  5. Mountain
  6. Hand of the lord
  7. Grass in mind


Label: Tee Pee Records

Genre: Psychedelic Metal

Release date EU: July 22nd, 2015

CD review FOGG "High testament"
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