(7/10) Lower Than Atlantis are busy guys and they are successful. At least in the UK the band is already very well known. In the rest of Europe they aren't that much present yet, but the new album might change this.

Founded in 2007, the four guys from Watford, released their first EP in 2008 before "Far Q", the band's debut, was published 1,5 years later.

In the meantime the band released four albums. Having been fully anchored in the postcore influences the band moved more towards alternative rock with their "Changing tune" record. Nomen est omen could have been the header at this time.

"Lower Than Atlantis" is the newest kid in town when it comes to the UK-based band. The album continues the journey away from postcore towards commercial rock music. It's especially the vocals from singer Mike Duce, that became far more melodic.

In general I have the feeling that the album is a bit too much pushed towards success. Songs like "Ain't no friend", "Word's don't come so easily" and "English kids in America" are in my opinion too much mainstream, in the senese of being irrelevant. Heavy tunes like "no belt" from "Far Q" are gone in its totality.

The second half of the album shows that Lower Than Atlantis can do better. "Stays the same" is a cool rocker, "Live slow, die old" has some crunchy guitar riffs. The same goes for "Damn nation". Still, things got very soft and catchy.

With their new album Lower Than Atalantis confirmed their new direction towards (alternative) rock. The old roots are pushed more and more into the background and I think that fans from the earlier days of the band will have a problem with this longplayer. For fans that can handle a more rocking version of Sting and Coldplay should give this album a chance.





  1. Here we go
  2. Ain't no friend
  3. English kids in America
  4. Criminal
  5. Words don't come sp easily
  6. Emily
  7. Stays the same
  8. Live slow, die old
  9. Damn nation
  10. Time
  11. Just what you need
  12. Number one


Label: Sony Music

Genre: Alternative Rock

Release date EU: Already released

CD review LOWER THAN ATLANTIS "Lower Than Atlantis"
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