(6/10) If you tell the same joke just slightly different it doesn't become better. That was a thought I had when I listened to Russkaja's "Peace, love and Russian roll".

Contrary to the bands name the band is not coming from Russia. They are from Vienna. At least singer Georgij Makazaria is born in Moscow, while the rest of the band is quite Austrian. However, the seven guys are combining rock, ska, metal, punk and polka to a mix that isn't actually that new.

There was another band that had this idea already many years ago - and celebrated a big success. The guys from Helsinki, called Leningrad Cowboys, created this mixture and longplayers such as "We come from Brooklyn" became milestones.

So what is new with Russkaja. Not that much to be honest. Of course this kind of music still works. It is this kind of 'happy vibe Bierzelt music' that is just fun to listen to. And maybe this is enough.

For me it's more like mentioned in the beginning. The same joke doesn't become better by telling more often. Nothing wrong with Russkaja, but if I want to listen to this kind of music a will grab one of my old Leningrad Cowboys vinyl.





  1. Rock'n'roll today
  2. Slap your face
  3. Hometown polka
  4. There was a time
  5. El Pueblo unido
  6. Lovegorod
  7. Let's die together (Mon amour)
  8. Salty rain
  9. You are the revolution
  10. Radio song
  11. Peace, love and Russian roll


Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Rock

Release date EU: July 24, 2015

CD review RUSSKAJA "Peace, love and Russian roll"
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