(7/10) Grim Van Doom, a name that sticks out. And it's a well chosen one too. The 'grim factor' of the four piece is perfectly supported by the aggressive and dark vocals of singer Lansky, while the music of the band is slow and doomy.

Grim Van Doom was founded in 2011 and their newest release is called "Grim love". In total eight songs takes you on a trip through a world if sludge and doom metal. It's an intensive one based on slow and evil riffs.

Titles like "Snowfield" and "The storm" reflects pretty well of what to expect.

A song I want to highlight is called "Butchr". It's one of those creepy slow songs with heavily down tuned guitars and a murderous groove. It's, at least when it comes to me, the best track on the album.

The only small point of critic is the fact that the songs could vary a bit more. It's a feels like 'the same but different' which gives the disc some length.

However, "Grim love" is a cool record that combines anger and desperation in a very good way. Grim Van Doom doesn’t turn the metal world upside down. But what they did is to record an album with tunes that are based on solid songwriting and a lot of power. Nothing new but something good.





  1. Goddamn this love
  2. Family girl
  3. Snowfields
  4. The storm
  5. Thulsa
  6. Butchr
  7. Frank Vulyn
  8. Nilsis


Label: Aural Attack

Genre: Sludge / Doom Metal

Release date EU: September 11, 2015

CD review GRIM VAN DOOM "Grim love"
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