(7/10) Proll rock can make a lot of fun. That's what German 9mm try to make clear for everybody. Their new album "Nitro killer" is full of kick-ass rock songs that are sometimes a bit more punk, sometimes a bit more metal and mostly pure rock'n'roll.

That the band builds on German lyrics isn't of any importance since the music itself is well-done and stands for itself.
After a short intro "Ole, viva, la fiesta" invites for the first pogo round. The fast punk rock tune fulfills his job as being the opener very well. The title track is also full speed ahead - with less punk but a lot of metal; stated by the first riff.
I mentioned the German lyrics already. Some of them are full of humor and irony. The punk rocker "Ambrosia und Whiskey" is one of those tracks - the more melodic hardrocker "Geiselwind" is another one.
But 9mm adresses also some more serious topics like "Armageddon", a song that damn war and the ones making money by selling weapons. Also "Extremisten", another metal song, is a clear statement against fascism and intolerence - something that can't be mentioned too often in these days.
The only downer is the trivial cover. A longplayer that comes with such a musical punch would have deserved a much better artwork.
Anyhow, besides this fact 9mm's "Nitro killer" is a real killer. This genuine music is uncompromising, real and dirty. A bit of another highlight this year.
  1. Für eine handvoll Dollar
  2. Ole, viva la fiesta
  3. Nitro killers
  4. Armageddon
  5. 300 Männer
  6. Extremisten
  7. Ambrosia and Whiskey
  8. 14.000 RPM
  9. Ohne dich
  10. Denunzianten
  11. Bis zum letzten Mann
  12. Geiselwind
Label: Rodeostar Records
Genre: Proll Rock
Release date EU: August 14, 2015
CD review 9MM "Nitro killer"
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