(8/10) To call an album 'Rock'n'roll' means something. It needs a lot of self-confidence to give a record such a significant title. Furthermore you have to be sure that you can deliver since you want to live up to those expectations.

Buchcherry has the potential to do this - no doubt. But are they are also able to convert this potential into cool songs for a "Rock'n'roll" album? 

After having listened to the sixth longplayer I have to say: yes, they can. Buckcherry doesn't re-invent the rock business, but the ten songs on the album are grooving pretty well. The guys find, again, the right mix of crunchy riffs and catchy melodies that makes the album to an interesting one for a wider target group. 
Songs like "Tight pants", that includes a cool horn section, are swinging rockers that are highly entertaining. This is music that just makes fun to listen to.
One if the hardest tracks on the album is called "The madness". The number has a merciless beat, a cool riff and an excellent groove. This tune is written for live shows.
With "The feeling never dies" the album also comes with a well-crafted ballad that isn't rocket science, but it comes with a lot of feeling, while "Rain's falling" represents the bluesy side if Buckcherry. A local bar, cigarette smoke in the air and a whiskey - that's what you get in your mind while listening to the song with your eyes closed.
After such an intermezzo it's time to hard rock music again. And "Sex appeal" delivers. The same goes for the closer "Get with it". 
"Rock'n'Roll" is an exciting rock album that is an excellent summertime soundtrack. This album makes you feeling alive. 
  1. Bring it on back
  2. Tight pants
  3. Wish to carry on
  4. The feeling never dies
  5. Cradle
  6. The madness
  7. Wood
  8. Rain's falling
  9. Sex appeal
  10. Get with it
Label: F-Bomb Records
Genre: Hardrock
Release date EU: August 28, 2015
CD review BUCKCHERRY "Rock'n'roll"
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