(9/10) It's amzing. Sweden seems to be THE country at the moment, that 'produces' most classic rock bands. Dead Lord is one of them. 

The guys aren't arounfd for such a long time. Founded in 2012, Dead Lord released their debut called "Goodbye repentance" one year later via High Roller. This record got a lot of positive feedback - from fans as well as from the media.

Dead Lord is highly inspired by the 70's. The guitar sound reminds very often to Thin Lizzy which obviously made an impact on the four guys. Already the debut was that 70's flavoured and the new album "Heads held high" continues with it. 

In the meantime Dead Lord signed with Century Media and the mentioned new album is the label debut for the Swedes. "Heads held high" comes with ten new songs that are great classic rock.  And it's not only the songs that have this classic touch. Also the production and the sound of the album is a journey back in time. Things don't sound overproduced. No, it's a warm and organic sound that is a treat for your ears in times when sometimes almost aseptic sounds take away the soul of an album. "Heads held high" is an example for how songs and sound can go together in a perfect way and support each other.

When it comes to tracks I have a few highlights. One of those is the melodic opener "Farewell" that sounds tight and spot-on. "Ruins" follows. Dead Lord inceases the pace and this time it's the great guitar solos that stand out. And the twin guitars adds the density to Dead Lord's sonic expression.

Those two songs also show another crucial success factor in Dead Lord's sound. It's the voice of singer Hakim Krim that is special and unique. 

Another great number is called "The bold move". It's with more than six minutes the longest song on the record and comes with a lot of Deep Purple cross-references. More than once I had to think about "When a blindman cries". But not to be misunderstood; we aren't talking about a copycat. "The bold move" is a typical Dead Lord anthem that gains heaviness along the way.

And last but not least the title track. "With heads held high" the four guys have written a very rhythm-based song that comes with some Uriah Heep elements. Dead Lord can hold their heads high since they can be proud of their second disc. 

"Heads held high" became I great new rock album and I could imagine that the songs gain intesity while being preformed live. I have seen the guys a few month ago when they opened for Wolf. It was a great show and those guys are born to be on stage. Rock's alive.





  1. Farewell
  2. Ruins
  3. Mindless
  4. No regrets
  5. Cold hearted madness
  6. Strained fools
  7. When history repeats itself
  8. The bold move
  9. Don' give a dramn
  10. With heads held high


Label: Century Media

Genre: Classic Rock

Release date EU: August 21, 2015

CD review DEAD LORD "Heads held high"
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