(8/10) I don't know if George Lynch is a rebel, but at least he always did what he thought was best. This didn't necessarily ended up in a constant commercial success. The six stringer had a big contribution to Dokken's platinum sellers like "Under lock and key". Also his the first two longplayers under the banner of Lnych Mob has got quite some attention. Then came a period when records like "Smoke this" confused fans of the guitarist. Hip-hop elements and industrial influences all of a sudden became part of Lynch Mob's sound - something that wasn't too much appreciated.

But since a few years things get more exciting again. Looking back on the last period there was the pretty cool "Sun red sun" release as well as the collaboration with Michael Sweet from Stryper. Also KXM, a project Lynch is part of,  released a very cool debut. So, things are getting better again, however Lynch always stayed true to himself - in the good days and the bad days.

"Rebel" adds to this positive impression with eleven new songs. Next to Lynch's extraordinary guitar play it is singer Oni Logan that has an important role in Lynch Mob's sound, His voice fits perfect to the bluesy hardrock of the band and in the beginning of "War" he even sounds partly like Bruce Dickinson. This shows the range his voice has.

The great thing with "Automatic fix", the opener, is the fact that it delivers the instruction manual for the album in the lyrics. "I put my headphones on and turn the music loud" is the first line Logan sings. It can't be phrased in a better way. And with your headphones on you get the full load of grooving hardrock.

Talking about 'groove', "Sanctuary" is another one. It's maybe a bit complex after the first round but it gains with each time listening to it. Also blues gets enough attention on the album. "Pine tree avenue" has some blues and "Testify" comes with even more.

A song that stands out is the awesome "The ledge". It's a gloomy ballad that reminds from the guitarline to Metallica's "Enter sandman"; at least in the verse.

The closer is the earlier mentioned "War" and it seems that Lynch kept one of the best tracks for the end. As said, the vocal lines in the beginning show some inspiration by Iron Maiden while the track itself is a pure rocker with a good punch

"Rebel" is an album that is full of modern hardrock with quite some blues cross-references. Great stuff that is worth to listen to.





  1. Automatic fix
  2. Between the truth snd a lie
  3. Testify
  4. Sanctuary
  5. Pine tree avenue
  6. Jelly roll
  7. Dirty money
  8. The hollow queen
  9. The ledge
  10. Kingdom of slaves
  11. War


Label: Frontiers Records

Genre: Hardrock

Release date EU: August 21st, 2015

CD review LYNCH MOB "Rebel"
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