(8/10) 13 years after having released their latest album German alternative metal gang Pyogenesis is back with a new longplayer. The name of the new disc of the Swabian guys is "A century in the curse of time". As the title suggests the album thematize the industrial revolution in the 19th century with its impact on everything including the upcoming science fiction literature such as from Jules Verne. An interesting topic, considering the digital revolution of nowadays, with some interesting parallels.

This means that the new longplayer is also the first concept album Pyogenesis releases. So new territory for Flo and his band mates that they handle with a big ease.

The first thing that is remarkable is the fact that the album is much harder again. Especially during the nineties Pyrogenesis was very much into alternative rock that got a very pop-oriented teint. Songs like "Love nation sugarhead" have been very much inspired by bands like the Smashing Pumpkins and Silverchair. Compared to this era the songs on "She makes me wish I had a gun" have been far more raw and punk based.

The new songs focusses on another aspect in Pyogensis' music. Metal wins and gains more percentage. The opener "Steam paves its way (The machine)" is a clear statement in the beginning of the record. A melodic death metal riff that goes hand in hand with melodic vocal lines in the verse; all combined with some growls.

If  you expect this to be an expetion you're wrong. The heavy riffing continues eventhough none of the other tracks is as hard as the opener. However. tracks like "A love onve new has now grown old" and "Flesh and hair" are cool alternative metal tracks with the typical Pyogenesis guitar sond.

But "A century in the curse of time" also comes with more silent tunes such as "The best is yet to come". Pyogenesis placed this melancholic song in the middle of the album - a great moment to take a breath after the furious beginning.

The title track is also the last song on the album. It is with 14 minutes the longest one on the album (and I think it's the longest Pyogenesis song anyhow). It starts with some choral vocals before again the heavy guitars take over. But not for too long, since another break leads to an acoustic guitar section. That's already a lot of variety in the first three minutes. The tunes is arranged in a way that the tension is kept on a high level from beginning till end. There are many twists and breaks in the track, that is mainly an instrumental one.

I haven't expected such a strong album from Pyogenesis. But it seems that the last 13 years have brought a lot of creativity that shows a mature band that enjoys what they are doing: Playing good music without boundaries and limitations. Therefore it's no surprise that the guys are playing on this years Summer Breeze and next years Wacken. Respect.





  1. Steam paves its way (The machine)
  2. A love once new has now grown old
  3. This won't last forever
  4. The best is yet to come
  5. Lifeless
  6. The swan king
  7. Flesh and hair
  8. A century in the the curse of time


Label: AFM Records

Genre: Alternative Metal

Release date EU: August 14, 2015

CD review PYOGENESIS "A century in the curse of time"
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