(7/10) "Condemned in misery" is the second strike of Californian Skeletal Remains. Three years after having released their debut "Beyond the flesh" eight new oldschool death metal songs have found their way on a new longplayer.

Generally spoken there aren't that many things that changed over time. Skeletal Remains' sound still builds on midpace numbers with brutal riff attacks and Chris Montoy still vomits out the vocals as we know it from the debut.

But what we can conclude is, that the songwriting improved. The tracks sound more homogeneius and completely rounded compared to the debut. 

The second thing that stands out is the production. While the debut had a bit of a dull sound the new album is far more enegetic and comes with a good punch. 

Tunes like the grooving "Euphoric bloodfeast", the more technical "...Still suffering" and the fast "Obscured velitation" are right of the bat. They might not be the most inventive ones but they are authentic and full of passion. And that's what counts.

"Condemned in misery" is a great step forward for Skeletal Remains. If you're looking for oldschool death metal that isn't old-fashion - than this is your record.





  1. Beyong cremation
  2. Obscured velitation
  3. Euphoric bloodfeast
  4. Virla hemorrhagic pyrexia
  5. Atrocious calamity
  6. Ethereal erosion
  7. ...still suffering
  8. Sleepless cadavers


Label: FDA Rekotz

Genre: Death Metal

Release date EU: August 7, 2015

CD review SKETETAL REMAINS "Condemned in misery"
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