(7/10) 'Bli ve' is a Swedish expression, mainly used in Smaland, that is hard to translate. But to my, non-Swede, understanding it means to go on and continue, regardless what hurdles you meet along the way.

I think 'bli ve' is something that is also very valid for Bollnäs finest - Tad Morose. No doubt, Bollnäs isn't in Småland, but the way how Tad Morose go their way is impressive. The don't give up and continue with what they have passion for - pure metal music.

The guys are active since 1991 and released several albums. And yes, there have been some line-up changes and six-stringer Christer Andersson is the only active founding member; however, Tad Morose sticks to the power metal they started with and that can be found back on the eight studio releases. S

Sometimes such a continuity can be seen as 'non-development'. Yes, might be. But in this case I appreciate the consistancy and nowbody expects a prog metal record from the guys. I like their sound and also the new album since it reminds me to earlier days when power metal was bigger than nowadays - I don't know. 

Tunes like the slower "Black fire", that is build on a mighty riff, but also the fast opener "Bow to the reapers blade" are just cool headbangers. Maybe Tad Morose could have used a bit more variations of their own style by still keeping their trademarks. Some of the songs are very similar to each other which gives the album some length. Anyhow, something I can live with. 

For the rest "St. Demonius" became a pure metal album with heavy riffs, cool grooves and excellent vocals. Power metal - more of this.





  1. Bow to the reapers blade
  2. Forlorn
  3. Where ignorance reigns
  4. Remain
  5. Black fire
  6. Day of reckoning
  7. The shadows play
  8. Darkeness prevail
  9. Fear subside
  10. Dream of memories
  11. The world is growing old
  12. Your own demise


Label: Despotz Records

Genre: Power Metal

Release date EU: August 28th, 2015


CD review TAD MOROSE "St. Demonius"
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