(6/10) "Rise to power" is the fourth album from Michigan based five-piece Battlecross. 

The new full-length record comes with ten new tracks that are positioned somewhere between thrash and death. So far, so good. Sometimes such a melange works well, but not really when it comes to Battlecross. 

Even though the guys can build on quite some technical capabilities the songs don't really blow me away. The main reason for this is that the tunes sound scattered. It feels like Battlecross combined some fragments songs. This works sometimes better ("Not your slave", "Absence") and sometimes less good ("Scars").

What gives me a hard time too are the vocals. Kyle Gunther's constantly switches between brawly parts and growls. This emphasises the disunity in each of the numbers and it also became annoying after a while. 

But there are good things too to report. The guitars sound really good. Battlecross' songs builds on some really cool riffs - like in the beginning of "Spoiled". 

The second thing I like is the fact, that you can feel that Battlecross likes what they are doing. You can feel the unbound energy they put into their songs; based on dedication for what they are doing. 

All in all there will be for sure metalheads that will love the new album from Battlecross. For me personally, I have to say that there are better releases at the moment.





  1. Scars
  2. Not your slae
  3. Absence
  4. Spoiled
  5. The climb
  6. Blood and lies
  7. Bound by fear
  8. Despised
  9. The path
  10. War ensamble


Label: Metal Blade

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: August 21st, 2015

CD review BATTLECROSS "Rise to power"
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