(8/10) To introduce Richie Blackmore is like bringing sand to the beach. The iconic guitarist has a long history. With Deep Purple and Rainbow he influenced rock music that much that still nowadays a Rainbow reunion would be highly appreciated by old and young.

But Blackmore decided already years ago to focus on medieval music. He replaced the electric guitar mainly by an acoustic one and released songs under the banner of Blackmore's Night. Together with his wife Candice Night the six-stringer went back to the studio for recording a new album.

"All Our Yesterdays" is the name of the new disc that comes with twelve new songs. This time the music feels like a journey though Europe, listening to the various folk influences that are included on the new longplayer.

Ther are some Irish references in songs like "Allan yn n fan" and "Coming Home" while the title track has some gypsy elements. Blackmore's guitar and Night's voice are equally in focus on this record. It's mainly the ballads when Candice Night can show the entire potential of her emotional and warm voice.

Blackmore has his moments in the instrumentals on "All Our Yesterdays". The sphereful "Queen's Lament" is one of these tracks which is actually more a kind of intermezzo, before the classic approach comes up to surface with "Where Are We Going From Here"; a catchy song that sound like a rocking version of a Rondo Veneziano song.

When I said earlier that the album is full of new songs than it's true in the sense that the number are all new for Blackmore's Night. However, there are some cover version too on "All Our Yesterdays". Mike Oldfield's "Moonlight shadow" one of those and Blackmore arranged it slightly different by still not going to far away from the original. However, the solo parts are slightly different and newly interpreted. Not a big surprise.

"I got you Babe" from Sonny & Cher became another cool cover version that shows the full potential of musicians and song.

Richie Blackmore and Candice Night stick to the bands trademarks and fans of the earlier records will enjoy also the new longplayer. But there is still the mighty wish out there in the metal world dor a Rainbow reunion.





  1. All Our Yesterdays
  2. Allan yn n fan
  3. Darker Shade of Black
  4. Long Long Time
  5. Moonlight Shadow
  6. I Got You Babe
  7. The Other Side
  8. Queen's Lament
  9. Where Are We Going From Here
  10. Will o' the Wisp
  11. Earth, Wind and Sky
  12. Coming Home


Label: Frontieres

Genre: Rock

Release Date EU: September 18th, 2015


CD review BLACKMORE'S NIGHT "All Our Yesterdays"
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