(8/10) This is cool shit. Grave Pleasure. I don't know if there is already a name for their style. But who cares if the result sounds that 'wow'.

But let's start from the beginning. You might not have heard about the guys before. So did I.

Grave Pleasure started in 2010 with soem members of Beastmilk. The guys come from Finland and they see their music as apocalyptic death rock. OK, this describes it very well; even though the death part is maybe a bit underrepresented.

"Utopian scream" opens this musical Kinder egg. It's a very rhythm based song with a dominant beat. The tune contains some Danzig references combined with some rock elements. Excellent combination, brilliant result.

"New hip moon" follows and sounds more swinging than the opener. The melodies are well-crafted and a dark The Cure adds a chilling fog feeling - all embedded in some rocking guitars.

The Fields Of Nephilim could have been the creative source for "Crying wolves" while "Taste the void" is a straight rocker that comes without any decoration. Spot on.

A gloomy bass introduces "Crooked vein". It's by far the longest and the slowest song on "Dreamcrash". But it's also the most sphereful one that transports a goosebumps feeling.

In the end it's all this together that makes the longplayer to one of the real highlights in 2015. It's this subtile darkness and that underlaying gothic vibe which gives the songs an own identity which jumps between melancholy and anger. Really good.





  1. Utopian scream
  2. New hip moon
  3. Crying wolves
  4. Futureshock
  5. Crisis
  6. Wirn threds
  7. Taste the void
  8. Lipstick on your tombstone
  9. Girl in a voretx
  10. Crooked vein
  11. No survival


Label: Sony Music

Genre: Dark Rock

Release date EU: September 4th, 2015

CD review GRAVE PLEASURE "Dreamcrash"
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