(7/10) If you have a look on the song titles you get the feeling that Mosfet is the thrash version of Steel Panther. Tracks like "Deep dark hole" and "Booze, boobs and bedroom battlest" speak for itself. The guys don't take things too serious and they have their own humor.

What is the real joy of "Screwing the devil" is the music. The guys aren't from L.A. or the Bay Area. But their riffs could come from overseas. Mosfet are actually from Austria and they "Screwing the devil" is already the third longplayer of the four-piece.

I have to say that the guys are doing a good job. I haven't heard from the before, but I was surprised about the quality of the album. This Austrian powerhouse finds a great balance between harsh thrash riffs and a grooving metal sound. Tunes like "From rare to done" and the fast "BBQ" are real headbangers. And also the less than two minutes long furious "Hangover blues' shakes you awake after a long party night.

You might like the lyrics, or not. However the music speaks for itself. Fans of Geman thrash metal and groove metal a la Soulfly should check-out this longplayer. 





  1. Road song
  2. From rare to done
  3. Sexbot
  4. Booze, boobs and bedroom battles
  5. BBQ
  6. Deep dark hole
  7. The machine
  8. Hangover blues
  9. Metal maniax
  10. Tales of a diarrhoea werewolf pt.II: Screwing the devil


Label: Office4Music

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: Septmeber 18th, 2015

CD review MOSFET "Screwing the devil"
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