(8/10) Epic doom has a name: My Dying Bride. The 1990 formed band from Halifax, West Yorkshire belongs to the spearhead of UK metal from the 90's. Together with Paradise Lost and Anathema the guys are pioneers of British doom that had an impact on many other bands.

The past is one thing, but how about the present? Aaron Stainthorpe, Andrew Carghan and band mates recorded a new album; their 13th if I counted right. A great number considering also that the band is in the meantime 25 years in business. 

The longplayer got the title "Feel The Misey" and comes with eight new songs.

The trip into doom starts with the fantastic opener "And My Father Left Forever". The slow and mighty riff of this first piece is impressive and it's the mix of sadness and anger that gives the tune a very special vibe. "To Shiver in Empty Halls" is next and comes with growling vocals while the opener contains more clean ones. The tunes has a demonic vibe which is mainly coming from Stainthropes voice. This song is an evil masterpiece of the band.

"A Cold New Curse" is a slow running tune with a lot of sorrow and sadness. Again it's an interplay between growls and clean vocals while the riff clearly shows that the guys have the same roots as Paradise Lost. A remarkable part in this tune is the silent middle section that gives the track a thrilling break; a pattern that comes back later on for second time.

The title track begins with vocals that transport a lot of despair. The guitar joins in and adds the heaviness while the slow pace rhythm and the strings carry on the melancholy from the beginning.

The second half of the album starts with the piano supported "A Thron Of Wisdom" which is the most quite, but also the most nightmarish moment on the album. A hypnotic bassline does the rest.

The desperate heaviness comes back in "I Celebrate Your Skin" as well as "Within A Sleeping Forest". Both tunes aren't loud ones but intensive moments of eternal sadness with fragile vocals. And also the dark "I Almost Loved You" is full of feelings that are pitch black embedded in great soundscapes. This is music that fits to the upcoming autumn with it's grey and foggy days.

"Feel The Misery" became a very solid My Dying Bride album, that shows to all the youngsters how doom should sound like.





  1. And My Father Left Forever
  2. To Shiver In Empry Halls
  3. A Cold New Curse
  4. Feel The Misery
  5. A Thorn Of Wisdom
  6. I Celebrate Your Skin
  7. I Almost loved You
  8. Within A Sleeping Forest


Label: Peaceville

Genre: Doom 

Release Date EU: Septmber 18th, 2015



CD review MY DYING BRIDE "Feel The Misery"
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