(9/10) If someone ever said that rock and metal is a men's world these girl from Sweden prove how wrong that statement is. Thundermother released a hardrock/metal pearl that rocks like hell.

The five girls aren't only good looking; they also know how to write great songs that are pure energizers. If you're down you should put this album on the volume ten and I promise you'll feel much better.

Thundermother from Sweden put 10 songs on "Road Fever", their second album, that are all high voltage. Each of the tracks is literally a sonic thunderstrike that hits you. Sometimes more like AC/DC ("Give Me Some Lights"), sometimes more Motörhead ("Deal With The Devil") and partly some 80's hardrock like on "Enemy" gives you a good time.

Those five rock queens from Stockholm decided not to go for compromises; they have chosen to have fun with pure and unfussy rock'n'roll. 

In times when legends like AC/DC and Motörhead are getting older year by year we don't have to be afraid about the future of straight-forward metal music. The seed spread by those legendary bands felt on fruitful soil. Thundermother belongs to the next generation of kick-ass rock'n'roll groups that creates music to be listened to and not to read about. Grab this longplayer. You will not regret it. Stockholm rocks.





  1. It's Just A Teaser
  2. FFWF
  3. Alright Alright
  4. Deal With The Devil
  5. Five Me Some Lights
  6. Roadkill
  7. Enemy
  8. Vagabond
  9. Thunder Machine
  10. Rock'n'Roll Sisterhood


Label: Desptoz

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU:  September 7th, 2015

CD review THUNDERMOTHER "Road Fever"
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