(8/10) Stryper, ex-bible throwers from the 80's, had a pretty good comeback in 2005 and released since then a few good metal records. It almost seems that the guys started more to focus on music than on image and religion. "Reborn" came with some quite good songs and "No more hell to pay" had even more of those. Only the live album "Live at the Whiskey" wasn't the best idea, since the sound was a real downer.

However, 2015 is the year of the next studio release and the heaviness suprised me quite a lot. I was listening to "Fallen" a few times till now and I have to admit that the disc became better each time I pressed the 'play'-button.

Stryper still loves big melodies, but they combine it on "Fallen" with hard rocking guitar riffs that makes the album to a real headbanger.

The choir in the beginning might lull you into a sense of security but the first riff pushes you of your dreams and "Yahweh" becomes a pounding rocker that reminds to the old Dokken. I think it's one of the best Stryper songs. "Heaven" and esp. "Love You Like I do" are two more good examples for the melodic metal expression on the new album. Positioned somewhere between Scorpions and Dokken, the numbers are very convincing and entertaining.

The heavy approach continues till the last track on the album. "King of Kings" is the last metallic stamper with a melodic chorus.

There is one track that was to expect but not really needed. "All Over Again" has a bit too much of a 'Poison-sweet' ballad and isn't really rocket-science. Fortunately the cool grooving "After Forever" follows; a track that, even though also sounding a bit like Poison, makes you forget the ballad.

I have the feeling that Stryper became far better since they focus on metal and threw the whole 'bible thing' overboard. The four-piece still sticks to their Christian beliefs, but it's the music that does the talking on "Fallen". Stryper had some good songs in the 80's but the density of well-crafted tracks nowadays is far higher than it was in the yellow/black days 30 years ago. 





  1. Yahweh
  2. Fallen
  3. Pride
  4. Big Screen Lies
  5. Heaven
  6. Love You Like I Do"
  7. All Over Agaian
  8. After Forever
  9. Till I Get What I Need
  10. Let There Be Light
  11. The Calling
  12. King of Kings


Label: Frontiers Records

Genre: Melodic Metal

Release Date EU: October 16th, 2015


CD review STRYPER "Fallen"
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