(8/10) With The Dead is the name of a band which you might not have heard from till now. But I can recommend to keep this name in mind. The guys behind With The Dead are well known ones. I strongly assume that if your reading my blog, names like Lee Dorrian, Tim Bagshaw and Mark Greening ring a bell. It have been the last mentioned ones, also known as the powerhouse of Electric Wizard, that started the band and found with former Cathedral-/Naplam Death frontman Lee Dorian a perfect singer for the longplayer.

This highly experienced trio combined forces and released under the header of With The Dead an apocalyptic doom reord that is very impressive. The album, that comes via Dorian's label Rise Above Records, can be summed up as really heavy.

The opener, with some spoken words in the beginning, changes into a mighty riff monster with down-tuned guitar. It's this sinister doom metal that reminded m actually in parts to Triptykon. This song is a perfect soundtrack for the Last Days.

"The Cross" is next. The tune is a bit faster compared to opener without being less brutal. The way how Lee Dorian presses out his vocals in remarkable and the whole songs feels like an endless journey into greyness and darkness.

"Nephthys" is the next level in a depressive riff orgy before "Living With the Dead" clearly states that this isn't about fun and lightness. This tune is a malstorm into blackness without any return ticket. With The Dead catches your soul and never let loose again.

Desperation continues with "I am Your Virus" before "Screams from my Own Grave" marks the end of this hellish sound experience.

"With The Dead" is a massiv riff debauch. The album is one of the most intensive ones this year. It's a record that has the potential to set a standard for the coming years.





  1. Crown of Burining Stars
  2. The Cross
  3. Nephthys
  4. Living With the Dead
  5. I am Your virus
  6. Screams from my Own Grave


Label: Rise Above Records

Genre: Doom Metal

Release Date EU: October 16th, 2015



CD review WITH THE DEAD "With The Dead"
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