(7/10) Eventhough thrash metal is very much linked to the Bay Area and the Ruhrgebiet in Germany, there have been always thrash bands from the UK that made it into the spotlight. Onslaught is just one of them, but also bands like Sabbat and Slammer had some cool records in the past.

Ravenous is another thrash band that's coming from the island. "We Are Become Death" is the bands debut that was already released in 2013 and gets now the pleasure of a re-release by Coffee Jingle Records.

The music of Ravenous is a mix of traditional thrash with a modern touch. Sometimes the guys sound more like Machine Head ("Abhor"), but also Pantera ("Rverse (Sympathy)") made an impression on the four guys from Southampton, UK.

But there is also the more melodic side of Ravenous reflected on "We are Become Death". The title track is one of those tunes, that starts acoustic, builds up and continous with this interaction. Not really new, but well-crafted.

The songs on "We are Become Death" are all pretty long. There is no track shorter than 5 minutes which is quite remarkable, esp. since none of the tracks becomes annoying due to length.

"We are Become Death" is a solid thrash album - not more, but also not less.





  1. Abhor
  2. Reverse (Sympathy)
  3. Suffocate
  4. Deathstiny
  5. Easter Island (We Are Become Death)
  6. Ravenous
  7. Alone
  8. The Architect
  9. The Strawman


Label: Coffee Jingle Records

Genre: Thrash Metal

Original Release Date EU: November 27th, 2015

CD review RAVENOUS "We Are Become Death" (re-release)
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