(7/10) The album cover feels like an invitation to biker rock while the title "Speedway" makes you think about something wild and furious. Actually Blood Red Saints isn't really the one nor the other.

The British band, that was founded by singer Pete Godfrey and bass player Rob Naylor, has twelve melodic rock arrows in their quiver. By aiming for the best score the guys come close to bullseye, eventhough there are some arrows hitting the outer rings.

Blood Red Saints isn't aiming in a different way than some others and they also send the arrows as everyone else does. So there isn't a lot of new to discover, but the result itself works very well. OK, this isn't about archery, this is about music. So lets' focus on that.

Songs like "Kickin' Up Dust" is doing exactly what the title implicates. The tune undusts your auditory meatus with fresh rock power pushed into a catchy melodic skeleton. There are more of these tracks that show Blood Red Saint pushing the pedal (in the frames of AOR), like e.g. "Better Says" and "Mercy". The last mentioned one is by the way the best number on the longplayer.

Melodic rock also demands some softer tracks that aren't normally my cup of tea. But there is an exception on this album called "Best of Me" - a song that brings back the memory of Foreigner in the 80's. And also the acoustic "Dangerous" belongs to the well done ballads on the album.

Unfortunately things get also a bit trivial with tracks like "The Best Thing". The softener was used a bit too heavily while writing this track. And the same goes for "Wrapped Up in These Arms".

However. Blood Red Saints delivered a respectable album that offers some highlights. If this is enough to conquer the world with their music is something the future will tell.





  1. Kickin' Up Dust
  2. Mercy
  3. Best of Me
  4. Dangerous
  5. Love Set Me Up Again
  6. Better Days
  7. The Best Thing
  8. Unbreakable
  9. Wrapped Up In These Arms
  10. CGRNR
  11. Feels a Lot Like Love
  12. Faith


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: AOR

Release date EU: December 4th, 2015



CD review BLOOD RED SAINTS "Speedway"
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