(7/10) FDA Rekotz is known for having a sixth sense when it comes to new death metal bands. All the more it's a surprise that the label releases an album that doesn't fit at all into this genre.

Demon Incarnate is playing a totally different ball game. The band's inspiration goes back to the 70's when Black Sabbath entered the scene.

Lisa, Devil Jay, Tobias and Phil - a multinational coalition - are based in Saarbruecken, Germany where they worked on their third album, that was released a few weeks ago.

After I have heard the record a few times I was thinking about Avatarium and their impact on this kind of music. Demon Incarnate actually serves the same target group as the Swedish rising stars. But wait. Demon Incarnate has their roots already in 2010 and has some releases already. So development went in parallel.

However, the current Demon Incarnate release comes with seven songs that are classic doom with female vocals. Having said this you can sense already that the longplayer fits perfect into the current wave of retro bands that are almost flooding the scene at the moment. But the fact that the band is one of the many doesn't mean that it's not worth to listen to the album. It's especially the doom compontents that makes the guys sound interesting.

The only downer with this release is that the songs are a kind of the same but different. I got the idea that Demon Incarnate stays too long in the same pattern and abit more variation would have been adding an extra thrill to a down-to-earth longplayer.

Besides that the record is an enrichment to FDA Rekotz' catalogue and something for fans of Avatarium and Sabbath.





  1. Grinder
  2. Bird Of Prey
  3. Ember Glow
  4. Demonized
  5. The Prophecy
  6. Lifeless Eyes
  7. Black Horizon


Label: FDA Rekotz

Genre: Doom

Release Date EU: September 28th, 2015

CD review DEMON INCARNATE "Demon Incarnate"
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