(5/10) Erimah are from Montreal, Quebec and can look back already on tow longplayers. "Irkalla" came out in 2010 as being the bands debut, followed by "Reign Through Immortality" that was published three years later. After two more years the third record is in the record shops.

Erimah is doing a mix of death- and black metal with a dark component attached to it. The ambition might be there and some parts are also done well. Im general I miss the excitement in each of the tracks. I was waiting for the moment when the guys surprise me with one or more songs. But it didn't happen. The music, that got also some bombast, might be OK. It's nothing special but solid. What in my point doesn't fit are the screams/growls of singer Gore. The vocals feel disconnected to the music. Like two parallel streams that are running next to each other. That's why I had the most fun with the record in the longer instrumental parts. Fortunately there are enough of those moments since the tracks of "Thesis ov Warfare" became pretty long ones.

The sound of the album is basically OK, even though I think that the vocals are too much in the forefront. This is a pity since the bombastic expression loses its intesity.

After a couple of times listening to the album I must say that I wasn't thrilled. For sure there will be fans out there that see things different, put I wasn't convinced.





  1. Battle for the Concealed Star
  2. The Process of Reversal
  3. Fragmented Existence
  4. Ethereal Optic
  5. The First Law
  6. War Within
  7. The Mark of Liberation
  8. Imperative Circles
  9. Hymn for the Fallen
  10. Transcendental Inception


Label: Victory Records

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: October 30st, 2015

CD review ERIMAH "Thesis ov Warfare"
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