(8/10) Intronaut from Los Angeles, California are an interesting band. The guys sound very progressive but they are not really a prog band. There are post metal eruptions embedded in their songs, but the guys aren't post metal either. In the end it's a melange of various styles that leads to Intronauts experimental music.

'Experimental' and 'progressive' might sound scary to some metalheads, but in the end, Intronaut combines all this stuff to something really mind-blowing; something you should have heard.

The seven tracks that made it on the album might be complex, but they aren't complicated for the listener. Intronaut builds their songs in a way that they stay exciting, even for non-musicians. This has mainly to do with the well done melodies that are in a constant interaction with the harsh sound section. Hard hitting guitars meet soulful harmonies in each of the song on "The Direction of Last Things". All this together makes the album highly diversified and entertaining. If you want to get an idea how this sounds, I can recommend the opener "Fast Worms". 

If you want to hear one of the more brutal tunes on the album, that I you should check-out "The Pleasant Surprise". This number is build on a dense wall of guitars which makes it to a real heavy monster. However, even with this song the melody doesn't diappear.

"The Direction of Last Things" is already the fourth album of the four-piece and I have to admit that I missed the first three. However, after having heard the new longplayer I must say that I missed something. Intronaut has the silent/loud interplay down cold; combined with some tweaks and twist that you might not expect.

If you are searching for intelligent music that also has some headbanging moments - here you go. Not too bad.





  1. Fast Worms
  2. Digital Gerrymandering
  3. The Pleasant Surprise
  4. The Unlikely Event of a Water Landing
  5. Sul Ponticello
  6. The Direction of Last Things
  7. City Hymnal


Label: Century Media

Genre: Prog Metal

Release Date EU: November 13th, 2015

CD review INTRONAUT "The Direction of Last Things"
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