(7/10) Eternal (Of Sweden) is a Swedish melodic metal band that released its debut in 2012. "Heaven's Gate" is the second studio album of this five-piece from Dalarnas, a disc that includes ten new tracks.

The first things that stands out is the pretty good sound. "Heaven's Gate" is again produced by Swedish metal maniac Peter Tägtgren (Pain, Hypocrisy) and the mastering was done by Jonas Kjellgren. The result is a energetic and dynamic sound that supports each of the tracks on the longplayer very well.

The music on the second record can be described as traditional melodic metal. Eternal (Of Sweden) burned some songs on the album that are, like the heavy title track, full of strong riffs with a strong touch of melody. At moments I was reminded to Astral Doors when I heard the album.

The range of songs on "Heaven's Gate" is rather wide. The are heavy pounding metal tracks like "The Purity Inside" & "Freedom Now", melodic rockers such as "Evil Dance" and high speed numbers ("Surrounded By Shadows"). 

What surprises is the fact that there isn't any ballad on the album. The piano and the female vocals in the beginning of "Angel" might give the impression that you're entering the world of softness and romance. This thought is wiped away as soon as the band kicks in after a minute. 

Eternal (Of Sweden) is an interesting band that releases with their second album a solid piece of music. Maybe the uniqueness of their sound is a bit of a shortcoming but songs and sound of "Heaven's Gate" are well crafted and make fun to listen to.





  1. Ruins
  2. Heaven's Gate
  3. Surrounded By Shadows
  4. Angel
  5. The Purity Inside
  6. Praying For a New Tomorrow
  7. Freedom Now
  8. Eternal Fire
  9. Evil Dance
  10. Burning With Pride


Label: Black Lodge

Genre: Melodic Metal

Release Date EU: January 29th, 2016

CD review ETERNAL (OF SWEDEN) "Heaven's Gate"
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