(7/10) Suppressive Fire means death/thrash from Raleigh, NC. The band is fairly new since the guys started in 2013. Till now that have released a demo and also a split CD is part of their discogrpahy.

This will change here and now since the trio releases their debut called "Bedlam" on January 14th. The album features elevn songs that are full speed ahead. Think about Kreator, Exodus and Death. This will give you an idea of how the trio sounds like.

It was Joel Grind who did the mix and mastering and the result sounds strong and heavy. The artwork was done by Par Olofsson and also adds to the total package.

All this fit together with this release and if you're passion is thrash metal there is no way around this album. Suppressive Fire plays hard and furious. There is no moment to relax on "Bedlam". One thrash attack follows the other. Songs you should check out are the fast "Coup d'Etat", the Slayer-like "Pyrophoric Blood" and merciless hammering title track.

A good debut album that shows some potential for future releases. Youth gone wild.





  1. Ceasefire
  2. The Hellwraith
  3. Coup d'Etat
  4. Thy Flesh Consumed
  5. Bayonet Peneration
  6. Nazi Face Melter
  7. Pyrophoric Blood
  8. Ironsights
  9. Crucify the Kings
  10. Holy Masochism
  11. Bedlam


Label: Self-Released

Genre: Death-/Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: January 14th, 2016

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