(8/10) The Temperance Movement are a rather new band from the UK. The guys started in 2011 by Phil Campbell, Luke Potashnick, who left the band last year, and Paul Sayer. Ex-Jamiroquai bassplayer Nick Fyffe joined the baand at a later stage and drummer Damon Wilson completed the line-up. The Temperance Movement was ready to go.

The self-titled debut came out in 2013 and I think that some of you have heard the band in 2014. The guys supported the Rolling Stones on their tour, something that brought them closer to a big group of rock fans.

After such an exciting year the guys wrote some new tunes and recorded them during 2015. "White Bear" is the title of the album where those tracks found a home.

The Temperance Movement actually also made a move on their second longplayer. "White Bear" shows the band with a wider spectra of sounds. They developed their sound towards classic rock by not forgetting the blues roots, that have been very present on the debut.

When it comes to the songs on "White Bear": I think that you should have heard the cool blues rocker "Modern Massacre" with some AC/DC influences. This tune hits bull-eye.

The title track is build on a nice interplay between a slower verse and rocking chorus and both songs together stand for the massive vocal range of singer Phil Campbell. It's amazing what this guys can do with his voice.

Doubtless that such an album also needs a more melancholic and soulful moment. The last song "I Hope I'm Not Losing My Mind" is one of those. It's a quite song that is touching by also being far away from standardized ballads.

After having released a well perceived debut, The Temperance Movement comes with a second longplayer that is even better. Those guys might have a glorious future if the can keep this high level of quality during the coming years.





  1. 3 Bulleits
  2. Get Yourself Free
  3. A Pleasant Peace I Feel
  4. Modern Massacre
  5. Battle Lines
  6. White Bear
  7. Lorraine
  8. Magnify
  9. Roll Around
  10. I Hope I'm Not Losing My Mind


Label: Earache

Genre: Rock

Release Date EU: January 15th, 2016

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