(9/10) If there was A shooting star in Germans metal scene during the last months, than it was Beyond The Black. The band from Mannheim, Germany came out of nowhere and went from zero to hero in no time.

Founded in 2014, the guys released their debut beginning of 2015, an album that was very well perceived by media and fans. "Songs of Love and Death" contained well-crafted symphonic metal songs that don't drown in pathos and cliches,  something that resulted in a top 12 position in the German charts.

Beyond The Black supported the longplayer with quite some touring. Amongst others the sixtet opened for Armored Saint and Queensryche which made them playing together even tighter.

History has shown, that such a success with the first record isn't only pure happiness. Such a longplayer could become easily a flash in the pan and for sure it puts some pressure on the band when it comes to the next release.

February 2016 is the moment of truth; the German band releases their second album "Lost in Forever". Fortunatelly nomen isn't omen since the guys didn't get lost anywhere. The new record picks it up where Beyond The Black ended with "Songs of Love and Death" and brings their sound to a next level. 

Thirteen new symphonic metal tracks have been chosen for this new release and each of them proves that the guys aren't a 'one hit wonder'. 

"Lost in Forever" is the title track and the first hit. Beyond The Black can easily stand the comparison with Dutch Within Temptation even though the guys from Mannheim keep the metal factor much higher. Jennifer Haben's voice is just beautiful and fits perfect for the hard but melodic metal songs Beyond The Black has to offer. Another asset are the cleverly included growls that never take over but give the song another dimension, not to forget the screaming guitars of Christopher Hummels and Nils Lesser.

Having talked about the hardest track on the album also means we have to check the softest tune. It's the last track on "Lost in Forever" and it's entitled "Love's a Burden".  The closer is the emotional highlight of the second album. It is a very touching one with Haben putting a lot of feel and soul into it.

Everything that is inbetween those two extremes is very well done symphonic metal that lives by the constant interplay of heavy and fragile. 

Something new on the second album is Jennifer Haben singing a duet. It's Masterplan singer Rick Altzi who has a guest appearance on "Beautiful Lies". It's amazing how well those two voices fit together. It's a perfect match.

Last but not least it's the powerful numbers like "Nevermore" that makes Beyond The Black to a band with multifarious songs that are all thrilling. 

Beyond The Black will continue flying high. The band got the chance to open for German metal dinosaurs Scorpions for their German dates in March. This gives Jennifer Haben & Co the chance to present their songs to an even bigger audience, something that for sure will give them a next push. Great presence and glorious future. 





  1. Lost in Forever
  2. Beautiful Lies (feat. Rick Altzi)
  3. Written in Blood
  4. Against the World
  5. Beyond the Mirror
  6. Halo of the Dark
  7. Dies Irae
  8. Forget My Name
  9. Burning in Flames
  10. Nevermore
  11. Shine and Shade
  12. Heaven in Hell
  13. Love's a Burden


Label: Airforce 1 Records

Genre: Symphonic Metal

Release Date EU: February 12th, 2016

CD review BEYOND THE BLACK "Lost in Forever"
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