(8/10) Slowly slowly Delain underlines their role as being number two in Holland when it comes to female fronted symphonic metal. The six-piece from Zwolle might be not the as popular as the genre icons Within Temptation, but the attention Delain gained over the last years is quite high.

Martijn Westerholt and Charlotte Wessels are the drinving forces behind Delain and both brought the band up to an interantional level, emphasised by a lot of touring and live shows.

It was almost two years ago when the band released their latest studio album "The Human Contradiction" and it was a good idea to bridge the waiting time to the new album with an EP.

The record features two new songs - "Suckerpunch" and "Turn the Lights Out". While the opener is more a kind of easy going and catchy symphonic rocker, the latter is representing the epical side of Delain. A silent and almost classic start develops into a bombastic midtempo track that can easily live up to some Within Temptation tunes.

"Don't Let Go", from "The Human Contradiction", got a bit of a new dress, followed by four live tracks, recorded in 2015. All of them are also taken from the latest longplayer and the sound of the recordings is good and authentic.

The closure of this EP becomes a bit more epic since Delain took the opener "Suckerpunch" and made an orchstral version out of this catchy track. The outcome of this is a 2,5 minutes long track that sounds like an expressionistic classic track. Interesting to see what you can do with a catchy rock tune.

"Lunar Prelude" is a solid and well constructed bridge between "The Human Contradiction" and the potential next album. Hopefully we don't have to wait too long.





  1. Suckerpunch
  2. Turn the Lights Out
  3. Don't Let Go (New Version)
  4. Lullaby (Live 2015)
  5. Stardust (Live 2015)
  6. Here Comes the Vulture (Live 2015)
  7. Army of Dolls (Live 2015)
  8. Suckerpunch Orchestra


Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Symphonic Metal

Release Date EU: February 19th, 2016

CD review DELAIN "Lunar Prelude" (EP)
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