(9/10) It feels like yesterday when Entombed A.D. released their "Back to the Front" album. However, time flies if you have fun and we are in the meantime two years further down the road.

"Dead Dawn" is the second album of the 'new' Entombed. Since "Back to the Front" was already well received by fans and media the expectations when it comes to the new release have been quite high. Already at this stage of the review, Entombed A.D. lives up to these expectations and even exceeds them.

"Dead Dawn" is a death metal wrecking ball that minds the bands' P's and Q's. Ten tracks made it on the longplayer and each of them also deserves to be on an Entombed A.D. longplayer. There is no single filler on this roaring record.

"Dead Dawn" became a hard-hitting and dynamic death metal album that clearly proves that oldschool doesn't mean old-fashioned. Of course Entombed A.D. stand for  oldschool Swedish death metal - those guys have been part of creating this sub-genre. But the band also developed further by not selling their roots down the river.

Let's take the starting triple as an example. "Midas in Reverse" is a furious high speed death anthem followed by the more moderate paced title track "Dead Dawn". Track number three, "Down to Mars to Ride" starts acoustic and gets accompany by a melodic riff, all this before hell breaks loose. "Down to Mars to Ride" is a dynamic and forceful death metal hymn you can't forget anymore and it reminded me almost a bit of Amon Amarth.

And those three songs are just the beginning of a journey that includes seven more steps to take. Regardless if you listen to the slow groover "As The World Fell", the gloomy "Hubris Fall" with its silent parts or the three minutes long death metal monster "Black Survival", each of the tracks is well done, well produced and authentic.

"Dead Dawn" is for sure a highlight in 2016 and it is already one of my personal favorites.





  1. Midas in Reverse
  2. Dead Dawn
  3. Down to Mars to Ride
  4. As the World Fell
  5. Total Death
  6. The Winner Has Lost
  7. Silent Assessin
  8. Hubris Fall
  9. Black Survival
  10. Not What it Seems


Label: Century Media

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: February 26th, 2016

CD review ENTOMBED A.D. "Dead Dawn"
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