(9/10) Headspace are from England and the band exists since 2006, when keyboarder Adam Wakeman and Threshold singer Damian Wilson teamed-up to start this new prog band. With Pete Rinaldi on guitar and bassist Lee Pomery the two guys found some partners in crime. The original line-up included also Richard Brook on drums who left in 2015 and was replaced by Adam Falkner.

The first recording of Headspace was an EP called "I Am..." followed in 2012 by the debut, named "I Am Anonymous", which was a concept album.

As we speak the story continues by "I Am Anonymous: All That You Fear is Gone". While the debut focussed on the individual trying to fit into the group, the new album 'mirrors' the story. "All That You Fear is Gone" is about the group's inability to control the individual which includes government, big business and religion.

A characteristic of Headspace's sound is the excellent vocals of Damien Wilson embedded in big soundscapes. Headspace's songs are full of progressive elements that are more complex than what you know from Threshold. But each of the tunes is also build on a melody that makes it easier to follow. The song is the hero.

I think that Headspace's sound can be more compared with bands like Dream Theater who have a similar approach, even though "All That You Fear is Gone" uses the musical capabilities of each band member to write excellent songs rather than putting the capabilities itself into the spotlight.

It is hard to take a few songs and tag them as better than others. The quality level on this release is on a constant high level. There is no single downer on "All That You Fear is Gone". But to give you the glimpse of an idea about the spectrum of songs I can mention the acoustic "Polluted Alcohol" which a very intense track with a country vibe while numbers like "Road to Supremacy" are prog metal anthems as I haven't heard them for quite some months. And it's tracks like the latter which shows, thanks to Adam Wakeman, what you can do with a keyboard to add power to a metal track.

The centerpiece of this longplayer is called "The Science Within Us". Here we are talking about a thirteen minutes long masterpiece that contains ideas for several songs. There are the gloomy parts in the beginning with Wilson's distorted vocals, the quite and melodic elements that feels like the silence after the storm and the heavier sections with loud guitars and complex rhythm elements.

If you like prog metal you shouldn't miss this album. "All That You Fear is Gone" combines manifold sounds with musical expertise which makes the album to real click of the tongue.





  1. Road to Supremacy
  2. Your Life Will Change
  3. Polluted Alcohol
  4. Kill You With Kindness
  5. The Element
  6. The Science Within Us
  7. Semaphore
  8. The Death Bell
  9. The Day You Return
  10. All That You Fear is Gone
  11. Borders and Days

Label: InsideOut Music

Genre: Prog Metal

Release Date EU: February 26th, 2016

CD review HEADSPACE "All That You Fear is Gone"
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