(8/10) Inglorious' music is deeply connected to70's rock, a time when bands like Deep Purple, Whitesnake and Aerosmith had their first peak. Nathan James, singer of Inglorious, obviously takes a lot of inspiration from this period and that's one reason why the album has this classic rock vibe.

In case you start to think about, where on earth you have heard the name Nathan James earlier, the guy was singing for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and he was the frontman for Uli Jon Roth too. So we can conclude that we're not talking about a rookie when we talk about Inglorious.

Actually the album was meant to be James' solo release, but after the recording session the guys concluded that the result sounded more like a homogenous band. This was the end of a solo project and the beginning of a band - Inglorious.

The self-titled debut comes eleven songs that are rooted in classic rock. Sometimes it's the hammond organ that adds a Purple touch to tracks like "Until I Die" and sometimes it's the bluesy riffs that have a strong Whitesnake expression. "You're Mine" is one of these tunes that brings back the good old days. Funny enough, the riff in the beginning reminded me of Helmet's "Just Another Victim" which they did together with House Of Pain for the "judgement Night" soundtrack. This time the riff's just in another context. This time it's embedded in bluesy hardrock.

"High Flying Gypsy" is positioned somewhere between Led Zeppelin and Bad Company and in case you want a spot-on rocker you should listen to "Warning".

"Inglorious" became an excellent hardrock album that is inspired by the early days of hard rock music by not trying to simply copy things. Nathan James and his gang created their own exciting sound and delivered a longplayer that is highly entertaining.





  1. Until I Die
  2. Breakaway
  3. High Flying Gypsy
  4. Holy Water
  5. Warning
  6. Bleed For Me
  7. Girl Got a Gun
  8. You're Mine
  9. Inglorious
  10. Wake
  11. Unaware


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Classic Rock

Release Date EU: February 19th, 2016

CD review INGLORIOUS "Inglorious"
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