(8/10) Sweden delivers quite some melodic metal bands but also real death metal has a solid homebase in 'elk-country'. Gothenburg and Stockholm are cities that are the headquater for quite some bands, but there is even more. Linköping is the hometown of another death machine coming from Sweden. Throne Of heresy is the name of the five-piece that started in 2009.

"The Stench of Deceit" was the band's debut, released in 2012. "Antioch" is the second output that contains ten new tracks. As said, Throne Of Heresy are into death metal which they enrich with a blackened touch.

I don't want to go that far to say that the guys re-invent the death metal wheel. But what they put on "Antioch" is for sure not bad stuff either.

Anchored in oldschool death metal Throne Of Heresy combines Swedish death metal roots with the strong groove of Florida growlers such as Obituary. The result of this are ten highly entertaining metal highlights.

The Swedes sound best when the reduce their speed. Songs like raging "The God Delusion" with well placed leads and evil "Black Gates of Antioch" are an open headbangining invitation. 

"Antioch" is a death metal longplayer that is overflowing with energy merged with dynamic songwriting. I like the album and I could imagine that there are some more out there, that take pleasure in this disc.





  1. The God Delusion
  2. Serpent Seed
  3. Nemesis Rising
  4. Flagellum Daemonum
  5. Exordium
  6. Black Gates of Antioch
  7. Blood Sacrifice
  8. Phosphorus
  9. Souls for the Sepulchre
  10. Where Bleak Spirits Pass

Label: The Sign Records

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: February 12th, 2016

CD review THRONE OF HERESY "Antioch"
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